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Joint replacement

Find an Orthopedic specialist staffed by Twin Cities Orthopedics.

Knee replacement

Women are nearly two times more likely than men to get a knee replacement. Find out why. 

Hip replacement

Nine out of 10 people who get their hips replaced say the new joint still works well after 20 years. Find out more.

Shoulder replacement

In shoulder replacement surgery, the surgeon replaces the end of the damaged upper arm bone (humerus) and resurfaces the shoulder socket (scapula). In some cases of severe shoulder arthritis, a reverse arthroplasty is recommended. Your surgeon will discuss your options and help you decide which prosthesis or technique is best for you.

Treatment options that help solve joint pain

Our team helps patients regain mobility and alleviate the pain associated with sports injuries, accidents, and even chronic conditions.

Pre-operative Education

Pre-operative education is available for patients who will undergo hip, knee or shoulder replacements. Participants will gain an awareness of what to expect during and after the procedure.

Rehabilitative Services

Our on-site physical therapists work closely with your orthopedic surgeon to assure that your recovery and rehabilitation will get you back to your daily activities as soon as possible. 

Pain Management

A customized pain management plan is designed for every patient as every patient is different and has unique needs. Our care team will develop an individualized pain management program designed for you and your needs.

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Find an Orthopedic specialist staffed by Twin Cities Orthopedics