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Your muscles, joints and bones all work together to keep you strong. If a fall, injury or age makes movement challenging, orthopedic medicine can help. Orthopedic medicine takes care of your muscles, joints, bones and other movement. Start your comeback with the right treatment from our specialists.

Services and treatment

 •  ACL repairs   •  Pain Management 
 •  Arthritis
 •  Rehabilitation services
 •  Arthroscopic surgery  •  Shoulder pain and injury
 •  Bone fracture care  •  Sports-related injuries
 •  Carpal tunnel treatment  •  Tennis elbow treatment
 •  Foot and ankle injuries  •  Total joint replacement for knee, hip and shoulder (including anterior hip replacement approach, custom knee replacement options)
 •  Hip pain and injury  •  Trigger finger release
 •  Knee pain and injury  


Amery Hospital & Clinic Orthopedic Services are provided by Twin Cities Orthopedics, which means we provide comprehensive surgical and non-surgical care to help you return to daily activities.
Our team helps patients regain mobility and