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Pelvic Health

It’s embarrassing when you cough or sneeze and you leak a little. And it’s not always easy to talk about. But the reality is that pelvic floor issues are much more common than you think – especially in women. There’s good news, though. Most pelvic floor issues can be treated.

Team Approach

Although these conditions are not life-threatening, they can have a devastating effect on quality of life. Our team approach to patient care, along with careful and concise diagnosis, guides our evidence-based practice and treatment program to achieve the best possible outcomes. This program provides a partnership of services to give you a comprehensive and individualized treatment for bladder and pelvic conditions.Your primary care provider, along with our urologist and specialized physical therapist, is here to help. If you are having issues with bladder, bowel, pelvic pressure or pain, please seek care.

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