Access your health records online with Amery Medical Center

Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records are available at Amery Hospital & Clinic. Below are helpful tips and information to help prepare you for the electronic health record.

Important Information

Streamlined Information: Accessible medical records across the Amery Hospital & Clinic system of care offering efficiency and better communication among caregivers 
Improved Safety: Automated medication and allergy alerts help to avoid harmful medication or allergy interactions 
Increased Convenience: Timely access to patient information helps staff plan your care in the clinic and other areas to reduce wait time

What to expect

Scheduling an appointment – When calling to schedule an appointment, follow the same process as always, except now, Amery Hospital & Clinic will ask for additional information such as any change in address, phone number, insurance, etc.

Lab work & other needed studies – You may receive a call approximately 1 week prior to a visit if receiving lab work or any type of study so we can schedule those appointments prior to your visit. This allows Amery Hospital & Clinic to have those results available for you to discuss with your provider.

Test results – If tests are performed after your visit, you will be asked in which of the following ways you would like to receive these results:
  • Sent to an online, secure account that only you can access
  • Telephone call
  • Letter sent via mail
Calls to physicians or providers –Someone will take a message and send a secure email to the provider rather than leaving a voicemail message.

The day of an appointment – The same process applies; check in with registration; pay any co-pay due and see your provider. When the visit is complete, the provider will go over an “after visit summary” report (paper copy) with you reviewing follow up appointments, medication changes, special instructions, etc.

Billing Statements –
please be aware that you may receive two statements during this transitional period.