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Specialized Treatment Plans

Your treatment plan will be overseen by one of our staff physicians and a nurse case manager will be your primary contact at the Wound Healing Center. Some of the following treatments may be included in your treatment plan:

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. HBO therapy is an intermittent treatment of 100% oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure, roughly equivalent to what a SCUBA diver would experience at around 30 feet below the water’s surface. Patients receive treatment while they relax in a transparent, cylindrical chamber. This therapy allows the body to kill germs and promote healing. It is typically used to treat such problems as diabetic ulcers, circulatory disorders, compromised skin grafts and bone infections. Patients usually “dive” every day for about two hours, over the course of eight to 10 weeks.
  • Wound Dressings. Specific wound care products will be chosen for your wound depending on your needs. Proper dressing can go a long way to promote healing.
  • Wound Debridement. This minor surgical procedure enhances the growth of healthy tissues in the wound, creating an environment that leads to healing.
Your physician will also use the latest monitoring techniques to measure your progress.
  • Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitoring. This test records the level of oxygen available to your wound. The more oxygen your wound gets, the quicker healing can be complete.
  • Doppler Evaluation of Pulses. This technique measures the blood flow available to bring nutrients and medications to the wound. The better the blood flow is, the quicker healing will occur.

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