Volunteer Application

To apply for the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) 

Please download the HELP Volunteer Application. To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, visit the Hospital Elder Life Program page.

Who is a volunteer?

A volunteer is a person who freely donates time and talent on a regular basis to support the efforts of the salaried health team and who also provides a special touch to a patient’s care with no expectations of remuneration. Volunteering involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment, the community, the medical center, and patients. Each volunteered act makes a difference in the lives those helped.

What does a volunteer do?

A few of the many services performed by volunteers include: greeting patients with a warm welcome and accompanying them throughout the medical center with stops at Diagnostic Imaging and the Lab for pre-admission testing; transporting patients’ luggage or personal items, escorting patients; making knit hats and blankets for newborns; sorting and clerical duties; assisting family members in areas such as the emergency room or the special care unit; organizing magazines in the waiting areas; and providing personalized services such as writing letters or reading for those patients requiring such assistance.

Is special training required?

Yes. Following an interview by the Marketing/Community Relations director to determine specific interests and abilities, new volunteers attend an orientation program designed to introduce various medical center policies and tasks. This training program includes a tour of the medical center, films and classroom instruction on topics involving safety and patient care.


Days Available to Volunteer:

Hours Available:


Have you ever had or been told that you had:

Dizziness, Fainting spells, epilepsy, severe headaches, stroke or any disease or disorder of the brain or nervous system?

High Blood pressure, chest pain, shortness of breath, heart trouble, stroke, swelling of legs or ankles, or rheumatic fever?

Have you ever been treated for nervousness, nervous breakdown, emotional illness, alcoholism or any drug habit?

We want to get to know more about you. Please tell us about yourself.

What are your interests?

Have you volunteered your time and talents at other organizations? If so, what did you enjoy about volunteering?

Why are you interested in volunteering at the hospital?

How many hours per month would you commit to volunteering at the hospital?

Do you have specific ideas about how you would like to spend your volunteer time? What are they?

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