Why Join Amery Hospital & Clinic?

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Amery Hospital & Clinic is committed to the development of our staff. We recognize the contributions of our employees, auxiliary and volunteers, and the fact that each and every person plays an important role in the Medical Center’s ability to provide quality health care.

Amery Hospital & Clinic desires to not just survive, but to prosper through the provision of comprehensive health care and the promotion of wellness to the community. In order to meet our patients’ and/or payors’ need for a high quality, continuum of care, we are committed to continuously improving the quality of our processes, technology, employees and physicians and developing measures to monitor our success.

Amery Hospital & Clinic is one of the leading employers in Amery, Wisconsin. One of our goals is to attract and maintain professionals and support staff who will help us remain a leader.

For physician practice opportunities

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Western Wisconsin Rural Residency Program

HealthPartners Western Wisconsin Rural Family Medicine Residency Program is a three-year residency on the 1-2 model, where the first year is spent in a traditional high-acuity urban hospital and the second and third years are embedded in well-established rural clinics with critical-access hospitals. 

Questions and contact information

 Human Resources, Amery Hospital & Clinic  265 Griffin Street East, Amery WI 54001
PHONE: 715-268-8000 FAX: 715-268-0205

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 You can email your resume, apply on our website,, complete an application at our reception desk, or send your resume and references to the address above.