About Amery Hospital & Clinic

Amery Hospital & Clinic and Emergency Room Services in Wisconsin
  Butterfly on the Amery Hospital & Clinic Campus
  Walking Path at Amery Medical Center

Gardens at Amery Medical Center

  See the beautiful raingardens at Amery Medical Center

Apple River Trail and overlook at Amery Medical Center

Amery Hospital & Clinic has provided quality healthcare since 1956. We look forward to the exciting future that lies ahead while we continue to remain focused on our vision to be our community’s choice for healthcare through their lifetime. Our intention is to provide our patients with more – more services, more comfort, more privacy. We envision our facility as a place of solace for the community; a healing, caring environment where patients feel welcomed and relaxed.

The main campus located on Griffin Street is a 120,000 square foot facility built on a 28-acre lot and developed with the following amenities:

  • Private registration spaces for patient confidentiality
  • Clinic exam rooms, same day appointment rooms, behavioral health rooms and procedure rooms
  • Private in-patient rooms including labor, delivery and post-partum suites with a whirlpool tub in each OB suite
  • All patient rooms at the main campus have sleeping accommodations for family members
  • Surgical Department includes 3 surgical suites plus one procedure room
  • Private pre and post-operative recovery rooms in the Operating Suites
  • 160 slice C.T. scanner can produce detailed pictures of any organ in a few seconds and provide sharp, clear, three- dimensional images, including 3-D views of the blood vessels, in an instant
  • On-site M.R.I. unit for instant access to high-tech imaging & greater convenience for our patients
  • On-site Nuclear Medicine Scanner assists in diagnosing diseases, infections, tumors, and other disorders by evaluating organ function
  • Mammography unit
  • Emergency Department containing two trauma bays and four private exam rooms
  • Helicopter pad located outside Emergency Department
  • Patient and visitor Nutritional Services
  • Pharmacy and gift shop
  • A chapel for prayer, solitude, and reflection

Amery Hospital & Clinic's West Campus, located on Deronda Street, is home to the Behavioral Health Center (with 10 in-patient rooms, an outpatient clinic and a structured outpatient program) and Wound Healing Center. Additionally, Amery Hospital & Clinic has clinic locations in Clear Lake, Luck, and Turtle Lake as well as two fitness centers with rehabilitation services in Amery and Luck.

Amery Hospital & Clinic provides quality healthcare services that enhance the quality of life in our community and contributes to our environmental health as well. We recognize the importance of our environment to the general health and well-being of our community.

Environmental consultants, engineers, and designers helped to enhance the value of our natural and cultural resources through science and design. We have incorporated the following elements listed below with the planning and construction of our new facility and grounds.


Landscaping with native plants improves the environment. Native plants are hardy because they have adapted to the local environmental conditions and once established, native plants do not require pesticides, fertilizers, or watering. Take a walk around the grounds and through our prairie and you will discover the many varieties restored of birds, butterflies, and animals that are attracted to native plants.


Raingardens allow stormwater to infiltrate the soil and recharge groundwater. By retaining stormwater, raingardens reduce soil erosion caused by excessive runoff and pollutants are naturally filtered from the runoff before it enters our lakes and rivers.


Covering our roof are several thousand square feet of living plants. Known as a ‘green roof,’ this systems provides superior insulation, thus reducing heating and cooling costs. Green roofs also reduce runoff and contribute to cleaner water as the soil and plants absorb precipitation. Many of the second floor rooms enjoy views of our rooftop gardens.


Along the Apple River’s edge there is a contemplative trail where you can explore the natural river environment. Overlooking the river is a viewing area where you can rest your legs and perhaps catch a glimpse of a Bald Eagle.


Partnering with Xcel Energy, the Raptor Resource Project, and EOR an Osprey nesting platform was installed on site. Ospreys readily build their nests on man-made structures and nest platforms specially designed for it. Such platforms have become an important tool in re-establishing the Osprey in urban areas. A local pair or their o?-spring is expected to take up residence here.


A pervious ground treatment was used for the fire lane access area as opposed to traditional asphalt. Water runoff is thereby reduced by allowing it to soak into the soil. This minimizes our impact on the land and helps promote water retention while decreasing erosion & pollution.