United Way of St. Croix Valley supports mental health program


The United Way St. Croix Valley granted Amery Hospital & Clinic $500 to support the Behavioral Health Center in Amery. The grant will be used to help the center’s inpatient program through educational and therapeutic activities.

With the help of United Way St. Croix Valley, the Behavioral Health Center recreational/occupational therapy program was expanded with the addition of a comfortable relaxation chair to their Sensory Room for their inpatients. The addition of the Sensory Room and corresponding relaxation environment is a natural supplement to the Behavioral Health Center’s existing treatment services.

Heather Erickson, Program Director of the Behavioral Health Center, stated, “The benefits of music for behavioral health patients are enormous.” Erickson added, “My hopes are to add a more frequent inclusion of music tailored to the individual with the use of headphones.”

The term “Sensory Room” is a broad description used to categorize a variety of therapeutic spaces specifically designed to promote self-organization, emotion-regulation, and positive change. Sensory Rooms can help to create a safe space for patients during particularly challenging moments or situations, provide opportunities for engagement in crisis de-escalation and practice of adaptive skills and activities, and ultimately promote calm and self-care. Regions Hospital, an affiliate of Amery Hospital & Clinic, also utilizes Sensory Rooms on all of their inpatient behavioral health units with great success.

Erickson continued, “This therapeutic approach will bring our patients and visiting family members some joy and peace during their stay here. I truly believe this will heighten the quality of patient care we provide.”

While the inpatient program provides unique and specialized programming for individuals who struggle with Dementia, it also provides services to individuals who struggle with other mental health crisis due to disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many other mental health issues.

To learn more call 715-268-0060 or visit the Behavioral Health Center.

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