PowerUp expands to the Amery community


Amery Hospital & Clinic is proud to announce a new partnership with our schools and the entire community called PowerUp!* PowerUp is a community-wide initiative to make it easy, fun and popular for kids and families to eat well, be active and grow up healthy. PowerUp is committed to working in partnership with the Amery community to help kids be healthy today and reach their full potential in life. 

PowerUp launched in Amery on September 30 when more than 700 students and staff gathered for 15 minutes of exercise at Amery Elementary and Intermediate Schools. The fun was led by Chomp…a giant, super-hero carrot representing PowerUp. Each student and staff also received a PowerPack Family Magazine, full of fun ways and kid-friendly recipes to inspire kids to eat more fruits and veggies and be active too.

In the next few months, schools will also receive the monthly PowerUp Press newsletter and in early 2016, Amery elementary and intermediate schools will participate in the PowerUp School Challenge. The School Challenge brings three weeks of fun to school and inspires kids to Try for 5 fruits and veggies every day. PowerUp will also be partnering to create cooking classes, open gyms and other resources for local families.

“We are excited to partner with PowerUp and work together to increase the focus on student nutrition and overall health. ” Oralee Schock, Amery Intermediate Principal.

“Good nutrition and physical activity are essential to support growing bodies and minds. PowerUp is an important way for Amery Hospital & Clinic to help kids and families eat better with practical ideas that create fun for busy families,“ Dr. Laura Smith, Pediatrician at Amery Hospital & Clinic.

Learn more at Powerup4kids.org.

* PowerUp is a community-wide initiative and long-term commitment to help kids in the St. Croix Valley grow up healthy. PowerUp partners with schools, business, civic groups, local government and the entire community. PowerUp launched in 2013 in Stillwater and Somerset and has expanded throughout the St. Croix Valley. PowerUp is supported by Lakeview Hospital and Foundation and HealthPartners in partnership with Amery Hospital & Clinic, Hudson Hospital & Clinic and Westfield’s Hospital & Clinic. Find out more at powerup4kids.org. 

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