Luck Clinic relocation and expansion


August 31, 2017

The Amery Hospital & Clinic Board of Directors approved the relocation and expansion of the Luck Clinic in late July. The expansion plan involves relocating the clinic near the Luck Fitness Center at 2547 State Road 35 in Luck. Renovation of the new space began August 21st and will conclude late 2017/early 2018.

The new 5,300 square foot clinic space will replace the existing 3,600 square foot building purchased in 2001. With the additional space, the plan outlines expanded lobby, waiting, and registration areas, exam rooms, treatment rooms, laboratory and x-ray areas and additional work spaces. Debra Rudquist, President and CEO, Amery Hospital & Clinic, says, “We’ve planned for this expansion for quite some time and are excited to see it’s now a reality.”

Rudquist says because of Amery Hospital & Clinic’s conservative approach on its past investments and diligence in saving for this future expansion, they are now ready to move forward. She says the long-standing relationship between the Luck Clinic and the community is one of the main reasons the hospital is investing in the clinic’s future. “We are committed to the Luck community and our patients; we want to provide them the best health care and experience possible,” notes Rudquist.

Rudquist says patients will now have convenient access to care. “We believe that this project will improve patient privacy and patient flow, provide for a better work environment, as well as expand access to patient services,” notes Rudquist.

Amery Hospital & Clinic worked closely with their Board of Directors on this expansion project. Hospital board member and Luck Village President, Dave Rasmussen, says, “The Luck Clinic is a great asset and service to our community. We are excited that the clinic is expanding and look forward to the continuation of quality care in the Luck area."

The hospital plans to sell its current building and property on First Avenue in Luck. In addition, after the new clinic opens, the community will be invited to an open house celebration.

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