Get $10 prescriptions for fruits and veggies with a well-child exam


June 20, 2018

Kids who make an appointment at any of our clinic locations - Amery, Clear Lake, Luck and Turtle Lake - from now until July 31st will get more than a well child exam. They’ll receive a $10 prescription to redeem for fresh fruits and vegetables at local area grocers. Vouchers are redeemable at Dick's Market in Amery, Nilssen’s Foods in Clear Lake, Wayne's Foods Plus in Luck, Austad's SuperValu  in Turtle Lake and the Amery Farmer's Market.

Try for five

This partnership is all about helping kids learn to power their minds and bodies with fresh fruits and vegetables. “When a Medical Provider writes a prescription, it sends a powerful message to families,” said Dr. Jason Maxwell of HealthPartners. “Eating five fruits and vegetables per day helps us improve our health, naturally.”

Tips for helping kids eat healthier

Engage your child and they’ll be more likely to make better choices and try new things. Here are some ideas to try at home before heading to the store with your $10 prescription.
  • Choose a recipe together and have them make the grocery list. They’ll practice their handwriting while helping out!
  • Go through the sale flyers together and plan your menu around seasonal specials.
  • Even the youngest kids can get involved. Ask them to name one fruit or veggie that they like. Then, plan a recipe around that choice.
  • Older children can take on a whole meal – choose the menu, find recipes and make the grocery list.

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