Amery Hospital & Clinic to open new outpatient substance abuse treatment program


May 10, 2018

Amery, Wis. – Amery Hospital & Clinic is opening a new substance abuse program on May 21, 2018. Programs for Change Amery is an intensive outpatient program that provides primary and after-care treatment—in group settings—for people with alcohol and other substance abuse conditions. The program, located at the Amery Hospital & Clinic West Campus on 230 Deronda Street, offers individualized treatment based on each client’s needs.

Programs for Change Amery uses an abstinence-based model and introduces the 12-Step principles. During the 22-session, three times a week program, participants receive support as well as education on various substance abuse and recovery topics. A component of the program is aftercare services, which are also abstinence- based and provided in a group setting. This part of the program applies healthy life skills and relapse prevention education. The aftercare groups meet once a week for 20 sessions. Each program offers a safe place to explore difficult issues with the goal of having its participants, better manage their lives and choices.

“We’re very proud of the Programs for Change treatment model,” said Brian Francis, CSAC, manager and counselor of Programs for Change Amery. “We’re excited to expand these services to reach more individuals in Amery and surrounding communities.”

Programs for Change Amery is modeled after Hudson Hospital & Clinic’s Programs for Change, which has provided high quality, personalized and compassionate care to people for over 30 years. The treatment staff – for both programs – are licensed clinicians with many years of experience treating alcohol and substance abuse conditions. To learn more about Programs for Change Amery, call 715-268-0060.

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