Amery Hospital & Clinic supports life-saving airboat


Amery Hospital & Clinic donated $3000 to help the Amery Fire Department raise funds and awareness for the purchase of a rescue boat.  The Amery Fire Department has traditionally relied on water rescue suits and ropes to conduct all cold water rescues which severely limits their ability to reach victims in need of an expedient rescue.

The department has a rescue squad that conducts ice and water rescues. Their mission is to improve their capabilities, help more people and keep firefighters safe. In the past fourteen years, the fire department received 52 calls where a rescue boat that had land, ice and water capabilities was needed.  Forty-five of these calls were water or ice rescues with humans in danger of drowning or death by hypothermia.

The Amery Fire Department is reaching out to all community members and businesses for support and donations toward the purchase of a specially built air-rescue boat. Data shows this rescue boat platform could have been used to help the department at seven water-related deaths in the last fourteen years.

Pictured left to right are Fire Captain Ed White, Fire Chief Dale Koehler, Amery Hospital & Clinic President and CEO Debra Rudquist, and EMS Captain, EMT, and Amery Hospital & Clinic employee Chris Franzen.

Make a Donation & Save Lives

The fire department has a fund set up with the City of Amery. If you would like to donate funds towards the life-saving rescue boat project and help save lives in Polk County, please mail your donation to:

Amery Fire Department
101 Keller Ave South
Amery WI 54001

Check made payable to: City of Amery - Amery Fire Rescue Boat

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