Ownership and Governance

Amery Regional Medical Center is a not-for-profit hospital located in Amery, Wisconsin. The facility’s not-for-profit status ensures that all financial resources remaining after expenses are paid and legally committed to improving the technology, patient services and facilities.

There is a 13-member board of directors comprised of local physicians, HealthPartners Medical Group representatives and local residents. Seven (7) local representatives are elected by a community organization, the Amery Regional Medical Center Foundation, that advises the Medical Center. HealthPartners Medical Group is the corporate owner and appoints three board members. These ten people endorse three medical staff representatives nominated by the local medical staff.

The Board of Directors determines Medical Center policy and provides direction and counsel on management, administration, planning and development. Directors are responsible for Medical Center compliance with applicable legal requirements, the maintenance of professional and ethical standards of health services, sound financial management and operation of Amery Regional Medical Center, and selection and appointment of a qualified medical staff.

Board meetings are held monthly, but Directors also serve on a minimum of one or more of the standing committees of the Board. In addition, Board education meetings are also held. Following is a list of current Board members:
  • Chairman: Dan Lien, Retired, President Bremer Bank
  • Vice Chairman: Jim Leadholm, Owner, Leadholm Insurance Agency
  • Treasurer: Ross Bullard, HPMG Finance & Physician Compensation, HealthPartners
  • Secretary: Joan Byrnes, Legal Assistant, Bynes Law Office
  • Director: Dan Draxler, President/CEO, Bremer Bank Wisconsin
  • Director: Ranae Nygaard, Retired, Nursing Services, Amery Regional Medical Center
  • Director: Nancy Magnine, PA-C, Amery Regional Medical Center
  • Director: Heidi Erspamer, Vice Pres. Satisfaction Performance  Research
  • Director: Dylan Coe, M.D., Physician, Amery Regional Medical Center
  • Director: Ann Seagren, M.D., Physician, Amery Regional Medical Center
  • Director: Jeff Robertson, HPMG Finance & Physician Compensation, Health Partners
  • Director: Kate Isakson, Owner, Isakson Design, LTD
  • Director: J. Daniel Nelson, M.D., Physician, HealthPartners
You may contact any of the Board members through Amery Regional Medical Center Administration at 715-268-0308.

Amery Regional Medical Center features a strong, cohesive medical staff of Family Practice, General Surgeons, Nurse Practitioners, OB/GYN, and Physician Assistants in full and part-time practices. Visiting consultants include Cardiology, E.N.T., Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Pulmonary, Radiology, and Urology.

The Medical Center is guided by a continuous quality improvement philosophy that stresses leadership commitment, Medical Center-wide approach, customer and process mindedness, and employee involvement.